About us

We are a grassroot movement of volunteers sharing similar values and passions, offering our time and skills, to fellow human beings all over the world. We are all well-travelled and have long realized that despite of our differences we are all ONE. Our habitat is a dot in the outskirts of this universe, an alive and everchanging planet. Should we wish to evolve and prosper we need to help each other in any way we can. Towards that aim we have decided to form volunteering  groups travelling to places in need worldwide to make a difference by designing and implementing educational, cultural and infrastructure programmes.

Currently we have members in Europe, Africa and US and we are looking forward to welcoming volunteers from all continents.

The uniqueness  of our group lies on the fact that each trip is fine result of a collective effort by all our volunteers and the local communities, a real synthesis of ideas, skills and cultures perfectly intertwined while treating each other as equal, irrespective of nationality, gender, beliefs or religions.

The goal of the mission is to interact and discuss with the local communities issues of their concern, while exchanging experiences and culture through a 3-day festival, where Greeks will get in touch with African music and dance and the Tanzanians will get in touch with Greek traditional music and dances. With the implementation of the activities for the children and women and the 3-day festival, we hope to provide joy, hope and empowerment to the local community, to make them believe that they can change their future.

In addition, on March 1, 2020 the volunteers group participated in the International Kilimanjaro Marathon.

Our team of volunteers included a variety of specialists amongst them languages teachers, robotics instructors, athletes, trainers, doctors, musicians, dancers, photographers, film directors, cinematographers, sociologists, actors, innovation and entrepreneurship specialists and students, who have empowered the local community by implementing activities for the 400 school children: educational games, sports games, theatrical workshops, robotics engineering, while for the local women there will be workshops of knitting, macramé, craftsmanship as well as experiential entrepreneurship workshops to introduce them into the basic foundations for a new model of growth and prosperity for their community.

The entire trip was filmed to produce a documentary film to be released in Greece and abroad, while the methodology to be followed, will be documented and made available to the public, so that other groups from Greece and abroad, who would like to plan similar social projects, can have access to it.